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Telephone 0203 049 2820

26 Holmshaw Close , London , SE26 4TH
Telephone: 020 3049 2820
Fax: 0203 049 2821


Reports / Letters / Forms


Medical examinations for special purposes such as driving medicals, pre-employment, insurance medicals etc can be arranged by appointment. Please ring for an appointment which will be outside of usual clinic times. This is a private service and a charge will be made for the service which must be paid on the day of the medical examination.

Certain requests are made for reports, letters, forms etc. which do not come under the NHS and are therefore chargeable. A current list of charges is listed below and displayed in reception.

It is our policy that clinicians do not provide such letters unless the organisation in question (eg. housing Association, Immigration Office) has written specifically to the Practice with a request for information.

If you still wish to proceed with your request then the following process should be followed:

  • All requests must be put in writing to the Practice
  • To maximise clinical time our clinicians will not be able to respond to ad hoc requests for support letters during surgery. Letters and administrative tasks are normally completed outside of clinical time.
  • If the request is deemed appropriate please note that these services are not covered under your NHS entitlement so you will be charged a reasonable fee for the service. Also please allow 10 working days.



There are several services provided by the practice, which do not fall within the general medical services provided under the NHS and for which a fee is therefore charged. 

For your information we list below the most common of these services.If you require other services for which a fee is payable we will inform you at the time of request.



  • Private Certificate (sick note)                                                                       £21.00
  • Certificate of good health for child                                                              £16.00
  • Certificate of existence                                                                                  £16.00
  • Passports                                                                                                        £51.00
  • Photo driving license                                                                                     £51.00
  • Holiday Cancellation Certificate                                                                  £34.50
  • Fitness to Travel Certificate
           - No examination                                                                                     £16.00
           - With examination                                                                                  £91.00


  • Private Health Insurance (BUPA etc.)
           - Short report                                                                                            £34.50
           - Full report (no exam)                                                                            £91.00
  • Loan protection policy reports
           - Certificate – Long                                                                                  £91.00
           - Certificate – short                                                                                  £34.50
  • Insurance PMA                                                                                              £151.00
  • Child-minder Reports with examination                                                    £91.00
  • Ofsted Report Forms with examination                                                      £91.00
  • Ofsted Report Forms with no examination                                                £34.00
  • Healthcare Professionals Council (HPC) training registration              £34.00
  • Extract of records                                                                                             £11.00
  • Copies of Insurance Forms                                                                          £34.50
  • Copies of notes and reports                             (Based on Time spent) £10.00 Minimum
                                                                                                                        Plus £0.33 (Per side)


  • PGV, PSV, Taxi Driver Examination                                                          £151.00
  • Elderly Drivers Certificate                                                                             £25.00
  • Adoption Medical                                                                                          £151.00
  • Full examination with report                                                                       £151.00
  • Supplementary report                                                                                    £34.50


  • Simple letter                                                                                                    £34.50


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